Aviv Service Today Charleston Appliance Repair Man Explains the Anatomy of a Service Call

When an appliance quits working the worrying begins, “It will cost money just to find out what is wrong!” The $30 part will cost $200 to install!” Why does it seem to be so expensive?

When the dishwasher quits working Mom starts looking online for a Charleston appliance repair service. Dad takes a look at it and dreads having to pay the appliance service technician to diagnose the problem. The dishwasher is old and may not be worth replacing. On the other hand, it might be something simple. Either way, there will be a price to pay.

According to the Charleston appliance repair man there are many overhead expenses related to operating a quality service company such as rent, vehicle gas and maintenance, payroll, advertising, liability insurance and other costs. The company must be profitable enough to cover these expenses or they would be out of business. The well-meaning jack-of-all-trades who lives in the neighborhood does not have these expenses so he will work cheaper. Because he is not highly-trained and insured like a qualified appliance service technician, the customer is at risk of further damage to the appliance or their home.

When the Charleston appliance repair man from Aviv Service Today (http://www.avivservicetoday.com) arrives at a customer’s home he diagnoses the problem and quotes a “repair cost.” The repair cost includes all necessary parts, labor and a warranty guarantee. The total cost of appliance repair also includes a service charge for bringing a qualified technician to the site to diagnose the problem.

“We do not try to fool anyone into believing that the appliance repair cost does not cover some fraction of our overall operating cost and not just the actual part and labor cost,” said Ofer Hubara, owner of Aviv Service Today. “Furthermore, we prefer using the repair cost method because the fact is some technicians are faster than others and it would be unfair to charge an hourly rate based simply on time versus what the actual appliance repair cost should be.”

Area residents describe Aviv Service Today as a friendly neighborhood appliance repair man who provides a quality home service with good old-fashioned customer care. Visit http://www.appliancerepairservicecharleston.com/ to learn more.

About Aviv Service Today:
Aviv Service Today specializes in high end appliances including Sub Zero, Bosch Thermador, Viking, Dacor, Asko,Fisher & Paykel, Scotsman, Wolf, U-Line and most other makes and models of home appliances. They also specialize in refrigeration repair. Owner, Ofer Hubara, began his appliance repair training in 1987 and he has had extensive training on all national brands and high-end appliances. Ofer keeps on the cutting edge of appliance repair techniques by attending the annual convention for the Professional Servicer’s Association and the United Servicer’s Association.