Refrigerator Repair

Charleston Refrigerator Repair Tech with Aviv Service Today Addresses Common Problems

The refrigerator is one of the most important home appliances, working hard, 24/7 to keep food cold

 Charleston SC – The local refrigerator repair man understands how much people count on all their home appliances. The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances because it work around the clock maintaining a consistent temperature to preserve food. A broken down refrigerator can result in food loss if alternate storage is not available.

When Ofer Hubara, owner of Aviv Service Today, ( receives a call about a broken refrigerator, he does his best to respond as quickly as possible to help prevent the additional expense of food loss. Refrigerator repair technicians are qualified professionals who are experienced in servicing most models, old and new high end models.

Some of the common problems the refrigerator repair man addresses include the unit running too much, making excessive noise and vibrations, maintaining poor temperature control, leaks, freezing, broken icemaker or water dispenser.

Refrigerator repair should only be handled by a qualified service technician to prevent injury or further damage to the unit. There are some things the owner can do to diagnose problems, but when the problem cannot be solved easily, it is best to call a professional.

If the refrigerator is not cold, here are few things to check before calling the appliance repair man:

Is it in defrost mode? If the interior light comes on but the refrigerator isn’t working then it might be in defrost mode. If the refrigerator and freezer sections automatically defrost then wait 30 minutes for it to resume normal operations.

Check the temperature control setting. The unit should be placed where temperatures do not exceed 110 degrees or drop below 55 degrees. Temperature controls are preset at the factory to “mid setting” which should be correct for normal household use. If it is necessary to adjust, then turn the dial one setting colder and wait 24 hours for compartments to cool. Refer to the service manual for more information about temperature control.

Be careful not to open the door frequently and do not leave it open for long periods of time. When adding a large amount of food or cleaning the interior, making it necessary for the door to be open, the unit will need time to cool down to an ideal temperature.

One of the most common mistakes noticed by local refrigerator repair technicians is overloading the refrigerator and blocking air vents. Air flow is important for maintaining temperature and food must be surrounded by cold air. The air enters and exits the refrigerator compartment from the freezer through vents. Refer to the service manual to learn where they are placed and avoid blocking the air vents.

If these tips do not provide a solution then it may be necessary to call a professional refrigerator repair specialist with Aviv Service Today. Their factory certified technicians have addressed a number of common and unique problems. They will respond quickly to diagnose and repair the refrigerator to avoid food loss. Visit to learn more.

About Aviv Service Today:
Aviv Service Today specializes in high end appliances including Sub Zero, Bosch Thermador, Viking, Dacor, Asko,Fisher & Paykel, Scotsman, Wolf, U-Line and most other makes and models of home appliances. They also specialize in refrigeration repair. Owner, Ofer Hubara, began his appliance repair training in 1987 and he has had extensive training on all national brands and high-end appliances. Ofer keeps on the cutting edge of appliance repair techniques by attending the annual convention for the Professional Servicer’s Association and the United Servicer’s Association.